He Said, She Said

Mountaintop Couple

It’s been dizzying to plunge so quickly from phone calls and email announcements into trying to pin down a date and a ceremony and reception site. But I’m finally following through on my promise to add more to Bob’s engagement post . . .

Labor of LoveMany folks have asked whether the proposal was a surprise.  I did suspect something was up during this camping trip because Bob was being especially romantic.   In this picture, for example, he is carrying a boulder to lay down as a stepping stone so I wouldn’t get wet where our path crossed the stream.  He also took responsibility for all of the cooking.  Guys, take note: this is how to show a girl you’re serious!

But the actual moment of the proposal took me by surprise.  Perhaps my reflexes were dulled by the rigor of what certainly ranks among the longest hikes of my life.   When he asked me to sit up on a rock, I thought he intended to have me pose for a picture.  It wasn’t until he got all serious down on one knee that I realized what was up.

Anyway, I’m tickled pink to be getting hitched, and to share with Bob this memory of a very special African proposal.

 Click on the thumbnails to view additional pictures.

Hiking Shot  Gelib Tree  Bob Sets His Mind  Lea’s Ring Picture   Bob Carving  Rock Carving  Hiking to the Summit  Mountain Spring


5 responses to “He Said, She Said

  1. Bob, i’m glad that all that book learnin’ hasn’t softened the outdoorsman in you. Lea, i’ll work on my cooking. thanks for the advice.
    great pictures from a great trip. enjoy summer!

  2. your favorite sister

    the pictures are awesome and the ring looks even better on your finger, lea. i am so excited for you guys. 🙂 love you both and miss you TONS!

  3. Ooohhh, Bob, good choice of lovely lady, ring and proposal site. I may be a bit biased in one category. I am glad to finally come up from the moving truck with time to check it all out! We’ll look forward to the celebration.

  4. Lea,

    I have so enjoyed your proposal/engagement story and the website about Africa! Thanks for contacting me about a possible wedding gown for you as well. I feel like I know you both just from this site!

    Congratulations and may your marriage be as long as happy as ours has been….wedding date: 7/17/65!!


  5. Paula & Brian

    Congrats! Leah H sent us the news. We are so happy for you both. We wish you tons of love and happiness. Hope we will see you again sometime…your adventures are fascinating as usual. Brian loved the spider story. Take care

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