Welcome, baby Evan!

Evan Maupin Just when I was getting comfortable with the idea that all my friends were getting married, they’ve gone and started having babies!

In addition to the recently-profiled Hassan Hipolito, I also have the pleasure to introduce little Evan, son of Julie and Joel Maupin.

In the fall, the Maupin family will be moving to South Africa, where Julie will clerk at the Constitutional Court.  So of course, Bob and I had to send a South African themed baby present!

I also have good news to report about another baby mentioned on this blog. At Thanksgiving, I wrote about meeting baby Thabo, a South African orphan being fostered by an American family. I am happy to report that Thabo has since tested HIV-free, and has been adopted by a permanent family!


One response to “Welcome, baby Evan!

  1. This is so exciting, while I was back in the US during April/May, I actually got to hold baby Evan! He is so adorable, and really working hard on that growing up thing. At only a few weeks old, he’s already really big and strong!

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