More wedding photos

A few people have been very excited to hear there was a wedding picture online already, only to complain that it only shows my back! So here’s another photo Dan Pepper took at the wedding, that actually shows my face.

Lea’s face during first dance

Turns out Dan wasn’t the only wedding guest to email pictures…

My cousin Tommy (right) also sent in some great shots, including this self-portrait with our other cousin Savannah.

Tommy & Savannah

Below are links to several more of Tommy’s best shots. Just click on a thumbnail to view the full-size photo.

Shoes on step Lea & Tommy Posing the family photo

1. The three junior bridesmaids – my cousins Carrie Jo, Renee, and Corinne – ditched their heels as soon as they were out of the church!

2. This snapshot of Tommy and me gives you a sense of the massive heels I’m wearing. And no, I did not make it all the way through the reception in them!

3. Confusion reigned briefly between the ceremony and reception. I had forgotten to insert the announcement into the ceremony text that family members should stay behind for photos, but everyone else could go start partying!

Cousins toast Cupcake tower demolished

4. My beautiful cousins Melissa, Jamie, and Savannah share a toast at the reception.

5. Bob and I decided to serve a cupcake cake at the reception, baked with help from Bob’s mom and sister. This pic, snapped about halfway through the party, shows how popular they were! The Orange Cardamom and Cinnamon Espresso Devils’ Food recipes will be posted in our What’s Cookin’ section.

Remove the Garter

6. This one might require more explanation. An American wedding tradition requires the groom to remove his bride’s garter at the reception. He then flings it over his shoulder toward an assembly of single men. The tradition says that the one who catches it will be the next to get married.

Dad and girls on dance floor Corinne on Dance Floor

7. My father hamming it up with the junior bridesmaids.

8. My littlest cousins were on the dance floor all night long!

Granny eats a cupcake Looking at scrapbook

9. The day after the wedding, Bob’s parents hosted an open house for all the out-of-town guests. Here, my granny enjoys a leftover cupcake.

10. Bob’s Aunt Jan (front left, sitting) gave us an amazing photo scrapbook as a wedding gift. Here Bob and I are busy admiring it.


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  1. elizabeth brandt

    congratulations! love the pictures and the website.

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