Wedding Album – Prelude


Yesterday, 26 June 2007, marked our one month anniversary! Which I think is a perfect occasion to pull out all the wedding photos I’ve been sifting through. Here is the story of our wedding, in 37 pictures…

Bob surrounded by his groomsmen. From left to right, best man Dan Sweet, Wabash Fiji brother Mike Mack, YLS Divinity School classmate Dan Schultz, and Fiji brother Brian Clem. Behind them is the Bed & Breakfast where we got ready.


My cousin Katie Bishop is an Arbonne cosmetics consultant. She did my makeup, and that of all the bridesmaids. They looked fantastic!


This assembly line is composed of bridesmaid Leah Donahue, myself, Allison Clem (wife of groomsman Brian) and maid of honor Becky Shaver.


This is the moment that Bob first saw me in my wedding dress. I think he liked it.


We had a bit of time to ourselves before we headed over to the ceremony, which was wonderful.


Bob cracked jokes while we posed for a few pictures.


The whole bridal party gathered for some shots on the Wabash main campus, with the chapel in the background.


My bridesmaids, from left to right: Bob’s little sister Becky Shaver, high school debate partner Sarah Gragert, law school classmate Leah Donahue, and college roommate Sue Torke.



3 responses to “Wedding Album – Prelude

  1. Gary Bevington


    I was a little surprised to get your e-mail. Indeed, I thought it was probably spam before opening it, but after I did I realized who it was from. Congratulations on your marriage and your Fulbright! You look radiantly happy. What are you going to do when you’re back in Indiana?

    Emmie and I moved to Missoula, Montana, a bit over two years ago, and we just love it here. It sure beats life in a downtown Chicago hi-rise! I’ve been doing a bit of teaching at the University of Montana here, and we still spend winters in our little house in the jungle near Coba with our Maya family, the Itzas.

    Good luck with your new life and best wishes,

  2. It’s so wonderful to hear from you! I think it was about five years now that I was in your class, and already I remember hints that you were eager to move out of Chicago and into somewhere more wide open! Glad to hear you’re happy in Montana.

    Bob and I will actually not be settling in Indiana, at least not right away. Next year we’ll be back in New Haven, Connecticut, where we originally met. I’m going to do a one year fellowship at the Law School.

  3. Hi!
    I tried to find a contact button but I couldnt so I leave a message here. I would like to get in touch with you guys because I saw the pictures of your wedding, beautiful pictures, beautiful couple and because I am too going to get married in wabash college in few months, I wanted to be able to ask you some questions or advice from your experience!
    Thank you very much for reading me and if you don’t mind, here is my email

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