It’s snowing!

snow 1

This may be hard to believe for Americans currently sweating out the June heat, but it is snowing in South Africa!

Actually, it’s a little hard to believe for South Africans as well. Temperatures dip pretty low in central South Africa during the winter season, particularly when counting the chill factor of the wind blowing across the highveld.

But there hasn’t been an actual sticking snow in Jo’burg for more than a quarter-century. So Bob and I were pretty surprised to wake up to that familiar white blanket in our South African back yard.

Light as it was, the snow is a major news story here, and is causing some folks to rethink the wisdom of holding the 2010 World Cup in the South African winter.

The weather service is saying the cold front should lift today, and take us back to normal winter temperatures… chilly, but no ear-muffs required!


2 responses to “It’s snowing!

  1. I wish I had known to warn you to cover those pots! Hope the freeze did not last long enough to loose the plants. I’ll look forward to seeing the garden when the blooms come back. Post again please. Hope you keep warm.

  2. We probably won’t have another shot at a lush summer garden picture… when we leave in early August it will still be the dead of winter here!

    The good news is that the cold front lifted today so we are back to reasonably sunny and warm daytime temperatures, albeit with crisp mornings and cold nights.

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