Tribute to My Mom

Lea & LuciaToday is my mother’s birthday!

I thought a nice way to mark this auspicious date would be with a special post in her honor.

Let’s face it, I owe my mom a lot. Beyond the obvious things – my life, my good looks, and being our blog’s most loyal reader – she managed to teach me more than a few character lessons as well.

I’m certainly not the first person to note that Lucia Bishop is a remarkable woman.

Growing up, I simply got used to gushing compliments from friends, neighbors, and fellow church members about my mother’s kindness, patience, and amazing capacity to give of herself for others.

Recently my mom even made headlines for her powerful leadership as a Red Cross volunteer. It’s quite an example to live up to.

Still, what I most appreciate about my mom is something much more personal. Any daughter who has been well-mothered will tell you that what she appreciates most about her mom is the knowledge that she has always been there for her, and always will.

In my case, that was frequently expressed through last-minute trips to school to sign the permission slip for the field trip I forgot to tell her about, the offer to type up my handwritten homework assignment at 1am the morning it was due so I could get some sleep.

Most recently this theme was continued when my mother graciously agreed to organize my wedding on only five months’ notice, so that Bob and I could time our trip back to the states to coincide with his little sister’s graduation from college.

Bear in mind that this came at a time that my mother was also trying to coordinate a cross-country move due to my father’s work reassignment.

But Lucia cut no corners.

She brought her incredible artistic skills to bear on the decoration of the chapel and the reception hall, and I’m pretty sure that Wabash College has never looked so elegant as on my wedding day. She found dresses for the junior bridesmaids, ordered Italian biscotti from New Jersey for the wedding favors, and improvised a crystal pyramid to display our cupcake wedding cake.

Lucia down aisle Lucia 6 Lucia 2

Lucia 7 Lucia 3 Lucia 4 Lucia 5

Click the thumbnails to view the full-size pictures.

And though I’m sure she didn’t sleep a wink during the final 48 hours leading up to the wedding, she did it all in good humor and still managed to look radiant on my wedding day.

Thanks, mom.


4 responses to “Tribute to My Mom

  1. I agree – I am also a member of the Lucia Bishop Fan Club!!! Happy Birthday Lucia! You are the most amazing woman who constantly gives selflessly to others. You truly are a special friend!

    Lea (and Bob) – your photos are amazing! They capture the unique character of your wedding. I have never been to a wedding so full of family involvement and committment. It was so special to be there to witness your vows.

  2. Michelle Marsico

    Happy Birthday to Wonderful Lucia—missed it this year but my thoughts were with her—-the blissfull adoration on you Mommy’s face in the altar picture just about says it all. What a beautiful testament your wedding is to her incredible devotion and talents.

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