Welcome, Baby Kiera!

Kiera ScottOne of my favorite things to post is pictures of my friends’ new babies! In the past few months, we’ve already welcomed two precious baby boys, Hassan and Evan.

But I’ve been a bit behind in heralding the newest arrival… her bad luck to be born in the last of only five months I had to plan our wedding!

She is Kiera Scott Bishop, born April 14th, to my cousin Matt Bishop and his wife Larissa.

This picture was taken at the hospital. You can see how she was swimming even in the smallest clothes available!

I got to see her for the first time at the wedding in May, and she is still teeny-tiny. I first spotted her in Daddy’s arms as I walked down the aisle, and that official started the wedding waterworks! Below is a picture of Matt and Kiera from that day.

Kiera and Daddy

More wedding pictures are posted here, here, and here.


3 responses to “Welcome, Baby Kiera!

  1. Mountain Girl

    “So cute!”

  2. Oh, so precious.

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