The Honeymooners

Dan & Linn

Our friends Dan and Linn must be competing for the prize of the craziest honeymoon ever! From Norway to Vietnam, mostly over land. Oh, and along the way they will stop at just about every point of significance to early Christian history east of Poland, not to mention viewing Lenin’s body. This is not your ordinary honeymoon.

Really, we expected no less from these guys. When Dan moved to Germany for a year of graduate studies only a few months into dating Linn, they continued their whirlwind relationship through romantic rendezvous in nearly every country on the continent. Not to mention holidays in Norway with Linn’s parents and relatives.

As their travelogue makes clear, these guys are hardcore tourists. Dan has a masters of divinity and Linn is pursuing a PhD in religion, and both are big art buffs, so their itinerary includes stops at all sorts of places I couldn’t begin to appreciate the significance of: the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir, and The Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

Bob and DanBob and I weren’t able to make it home for Dan and Linn’s wedding in March… the first of three weddings in the last few months that we just couldn’t afford to fly home for! This has probably been the hardest part of living so far away from home.

Dan and Linn’s romance is particularly special to us! Bob and Dan became close friends at Yale Divinity School, and during the first year there the two men noticed that their romantic lives seemed to echo each other uncannily.

A short while after Dan ended a relationship, so did Bob. So when, a few months later, Dan met somebody really special, Bob began to think there might be something really good coming his way as well. Sure enough, he soon met a cute law student at the coffee shop. Even the weddings took place right on schedule!

This picture is from our wedding last monthin which Dan stood up as a groomsman. Poor guy slept in the airport after the reception to catch an early morning flight back to New Haven for his own graduation the next day! Now that’s love. More wedding photos here, here, and here.

We will of course keep you posted on our own honeymoon to Kenya, which starts tomorrow!


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