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  1. Good day

    I am applying for a Masters degree in Educational Psychology (at the University of Johannesburg) and whilst doing research for a research proposal I have to hand in as part of my application, I came about the article regarding the language issue in South African schools. I found it very informative and was wondering if you have written any other articles or have any comments regarding issues in South African schools.

    Kind regards
    Lize Bouwer

  2. Hi. Am completing studies and found the article on the language issue in South African schools very interesting. We would like to use a quotation from your article but need your surname so that we can use it in the bibliography / references. Will this be okay with you. Kind Regards. Mandy naidoo

  3. Hi!
    I tried to find a contact button but I couldnt so I leave a message here. I would like to get in touch with you guys because I saw the pictures of your wedding, beautiful pictures, beautiful couple and because I am too going to get married in wabash college in few months, I wanted to be able to ask you some questions or advice from your experience!
    Thank you very much for reading me and if you don’t mind, here is my email

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