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Honeymooning on a Coffee Farm?

I can’t wait any longer to share the highlight of our Kenyan honeymoon–well, of the share-able highlights, I should say. It’s completely out of order, and I will surely be reprimanded for spoiling the ending, but I trust that we will get back to posting about our week on the beach in Malindi, safari in Tsavo East, and camping near the Rift Valley’s Lake Naivasha.

For now, you can read about (and see) our last days in Kenya, spent touring a magnificently beautiful coffee plantation and mill. Go on…reading is caffeine free! Plus, you might learn something. Continue reading


Religion as a “Live Option?”

Here’s an article for whoever might be interested that I wrote for the next issue of Catholic Education. The last one, you may recall, was about schools and sweets.  This time the subject is Religious Education (an old interest of mine). I was asked to write it after presenting the ideas at a provincial RE conference back in June. It’s called “Making R.E. a ‘Live Option.'” Continue reading

S. African Schools Part Two: Sweets Solution

I promised a series of posts answering this question: What are the problems facing South African education.

The latest is an article I wrote for one of the Catholic schools’ publications on what kids are eating at school and how it affects learning and teaching. Nutrition is not as profound as the language issue, for sure, but sometimes simple problems in education are refreshingly, well…simple.

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Two Oceans

Here is a picture of Jeremy and I crossing the finish line at the Two Oceans Half Marathon in Cape Town. 2:11!

Many thanks to Jeremy, for sticking with me, and to DLMWS, for being such a great coach from such a great distance. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Two Oceans Finish

Losing Our Bearings

I’m sure you’re hyped to see all of the fantastic pictures we took in Durban–world class surfing, Indian-spiced South Africa, etc. You’re gonna have to wait a bit longer because we never actually made it to Durban. But, what we did end up doing is pretty interesting, so read on…

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What’s Wrong With South African Schools?

South Africa has done all kinds of good in trying to turn itself around since the end of apartheid. New investment, new homes, new laws, and a new middle class are just some of its successes. But if a country wants to achieve sustainable development–economic, social, or human–it must see improvements in education.

This is the first in a series of posts here at gautango in which I will try and answer the following important question: What are the challenges facing South African education and are they being met in the schools?

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Milk Texturing and Latte Art

It’s finally here….the long awaited coffee manual Volume Two! If you missed Volume One about Pulling Perfect Espresso Shots, make sure to go back and have a look. But if you’re ready to move up to the next level and start making velvety sweet milk drinks, then follow this link, download the .pdf file, and get to practicing. Be warned: Latte art isn’t for the faint of heart.

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