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Honeymooning on a Coffee Farm?

I can’t wait any longer to share the highlight of our Kenyan honeymoon–well, of the share-able highlights, I should say. It’s completely out of order, and I will surely be reprimanded for spoiling the ending, but I trust that we will get back to posting about our week on the beach in Malindi, safari in Tsavo East, and camping near the Rift Valley’s Lake Naivasha.

For now, you can read about (and see) our last days in Kenya, spent touring a magnificently beautiful coffee plantation and mill. Go on…reading is caffeine free! Plus, you might learn something. Continue reading


Also Showing…

Since so many folks are visiting our blog for the first time to see our wedding photos, I thought I would post links to a few other gautango highlights.

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Milk Texturing and Latte Art

It’s finally here….the long awaited coffee manual Volume Two! If you missed Volume One about Pulling Perfect Espresso Shots, make sure to go back and have a look. But if you’re ready to move up to the next level and start making velvety sweet milk drinks, then follow this link, download the .pdf file, and get to practicing. Be warned: Latte art isn’t for the faint of heart.

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Pulling Perfect Espresso Shots

I’ve just finished an espresso preparation manual for Kaldi’s Coffee, a Johannesburg area coffee chain. They asked me to train their baristas and I wanted them to have something that includes visuals and a bit of background.

Because I am a coffee geek–someone who wants everyone to know more about good coffee–I am posting the manual that I prepared. Follow this post if you want to know more about making great espresso.

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Recipe: Coffee Concentrate (Iced Coffee)

This coffee concentrate just might change your life. It makes a potent coffee-flavored liquid that can be creatively mixed with many things–hot water, milk and sugar, pancakes, brownies, smoothies, or whipped cream–to give them all that coffee zing. Of course, it also makes a smooth-flavored cuppa joe.

I have tried it out on friends and neighbors–even non-coffee types–and it’s has never failed. The best part, though, is its simplicity.

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Coffee for Africa, Africa for Coffee

I am what is called a coffee geek. As opposed to a coffee snob, who stubbornly refuses torosetta suffer bad coffee, a coffee geek is out to positively influence the way the world appreciates coffee. As far as I’m concerned, educating people about coffee is a fundamental element of the command to love thy neighbor.

[Corrections included]

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