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Religion as a “Live Option?”

Here’s an article for whoever might be interested that I wrote for the next issue of Catholic Education. The last one, you may recall, was about schools and sweets.  This time the subject is Religious Education (an old interest of mine). I was asked to write it after presenting the ideas at a provincial RE conference back in June. It’s called “Making R.E. a ‘Live Option.'” Continue reading


Also Showing…

Since so many folks are visiting our blog for the first time to see our wedding photos, I thought I would post links to a few other gautango highlights.

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Huge legal victory!!!

Last Thursday I blogged about the trip Bob and I were planning, to Durban. I titled the post A Second Chance, because the last time we tried this trip, our car broke down halfway there, and we never made it to the beach.

But for me it was also a second chance in another sense. Three months ago, I had at work. A CALS litigation project I had done a lot of work on suddenly fell apart, and the families I was trying to help ended up on the street.

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S. African Schools Part Two: Sweets Solution

I promised a series of posts answering this question: What are the problems facing South African education.

The latest is an article I wrote for one of the Catholic schools’ publications on what kids are eating at school and how it affects learning and teaching. Nutrition is not as profound as the language issue, for sure, but sometimes simple problems in education are refreshingly, well…simple.

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What’s Wrong With South African Schools?

South Africa has done all kinds of good in trying to turn itself around since the end of apartheid. New investment, new homes, new laws, and a new middle class are just some of its successes. But if a country wants to achieve sustainable development–economic, social, or human–it must see improvements in education.

This is the first in a series of posts here at gautango in which I will try and answer the following important question: What are the challenges facing South African education and are they being met in the schools?

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Back to a Different School

School starts this week for most young South Africans, and this year I’ll be starting school right along with them. My job teaching reading and literacy skills to 2nd and 3rd graders at two Catholic schools in Soweto began on Monday.

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