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The Honeymooners

Dan & Linn

Our friends Dan and Linn must be competing for the prize of the craziest honeymoon ever! From Norway to Vietnam, mostly over land. Oh, and along the way they will stop at just about every point of significance to early Christian history east of Poland, not to mention viewing Lenin’s body. This is not your ordinary honeymoon.

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Welcome, Baby Kiera!

Kiera ScottOne of my favorite things to post is pictures of my friends’ new babies! In the past few months, we’ve already welcomed two precious baby boys, Hassan and Evan.

But I’ve been a bit behind in heralding the newest arrival… her bad luck to be born in the last of only five months I had to plan our wedding!

She is Kiera Scott Bishop, born April 14th, to my cousin Matt Bishop and his wife Larissa.

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Also Showing…

Since so many folks are visiting our blog for the first time to see our wedding photos, I thought I would post links to a few other gautango highlights.

These are our most popular posts from our time in South Africa…

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Tribute to My Mom

Lea & LuciaToday is my mother’s birthday!

I thought a nice way to mark this auspicious date would be with a special post in her honor.

Let’s face it, I owe my mom a lot. Beyond the obvious things – my life, my good looks, and being our blog’s most loyal reader – she managed to teach me more than a few character lessons as well.

I’m certainly not the first person to note that Lucia Bishop is a remarkable woman.

Growing up, I simply got used to gushing compliments from friends, neighbors, and fellow church members about my mother’s kindness, patience, and amazing capacity to give of herself for others.

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Take me out to the ball game…

Bob eats a hot dogThat’s right, baseball! Not rugby, not cricket, or any of these other crazy games that pass for sports in South Africa. Just good old American baseball.

While we were home getting married in May, Bob and I indulged in a little national nostalgia. We drove up to Chicago with Bob’s family to watch a White Sox game.

This is Bob engaging in a venerable American tradition – chowing down on hot dogs and beer at the ballpark.

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Two Oceans

Here is a picture of Jeremy and I crossing the finish line at the Two Oceans Half Marathon in Cape Town. 2:11!

Many thanks to Jeremy, for sticking with me, and to DLMWS, for being such a great coach from such a great distance. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Two Oceans Finish

Another G-spot

So a favorite law school classmate of mine is on his own adventure, to Guatemala and beyond, and has just launched his blog.  Here’s a photo of us from our 1L year.

Assumedly inspired by gautango’s gutterals, Adam has given his on-line journal the catchy name of El Gringo y El Gallo. Check it out at

Great pictures, and well worth a read.  Adam’s use of streaming video is clearly upping the bar here… gautango may have to soon follow suit!

Lea & Adam @ Yale