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Welcome, Baby Kiera!

Kiera ScottOne of my favorite things to post is pictures of my friends’ new babies! In the past few months, we’ve already welcomed two precious baby boys, Hassan and Evan.

But I’ve been a bit behind in heralding the newest arrival… her bad luck to be born in the last of only five months I had to plan our wedding!

She is Kiera Scott Bishop, born April 14th, to my cousin Matt Bishop and his wife Larissa.

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Images of Lesotho

 Luka Skracic

Bob gets home today from visiting a Peace Corps friend in Lesotho!  He took our digital camera with him so there should soon be a good post with some pics of the “Mountain Kingdom.”

The above photo of a basotho man sporting a traditional seshoeshoe blanket is by Luka Skracic.

Wedding Album – Prelude


Yesterday, 26 June 2007, marked our one month anniversary! Which I think is a perfect occasion to pull out all the wedding photos I’ve been sifting through. Here is the story of our wedding, in 37 pictures…

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Wedding Album – Ceremony

ring placing

The ceremony was absolutely wonderful.  Bob and I had spent a lot of time thinking through the words and rituals, and the whole event felt just perfect.  So moving!

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And we’re back!

Our blog has really suffered in the past two months, having to compete for attention with intense planning efforts for our May 26th wedding. But we’re happy to report that the big event went off swimmingly, and gautango will henceforth be regularly updated by the now husband-and-wife team.

Here’s a goofy photo of us at the airport heading back to South Africa after the wedding. I’m wearing a plastic bridal tiera (with veil) from the bachelorette party to celebrate my new married status!

And we’re back!

Bob and I have been MIA on the blog for a while, but we’re just back from Capetown with a lot of great stories to share.   More on that coming soon.

For now, a photographic highlight taken at Cape Point, the peninsula at the very southern tip of Africa where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet.

Bob and Lea at Cape Point

Soccer and Human Rights

Photography by MuhaPhoto by Muha, see

There is a lot of excitement in South Africa about hosting the 2010 World Cup. But there’s also cause for concern. In poor countries, events like this are often accompanied by mass evictions and demolition of low-income housing in the name of city beautification.

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